Posted by: Maysman | July 21, 2008

I believe

my readers do not think much about Iran & their coming Nuclear weapons.  But you should.

…the crucial turning point is when Iran masters all the capabilities to weaponize without further external possibility of stopping it. Then the decision to weaponize, and its timing, is Tehran’s alone. We do not know if Iran is at this point, or very near to it. All we do know is that, after five years of failed diplomacy by the EU-3 (Britain, France and Germany), Iran is simply five years closer to nuclear weapons…

…And consider what comes next for the U.S.: the Bush administration’s last six months pursuing its limp diplomatic efforts, plus six months of a new president getting his national security team and policies together. In other words, one more year for Tehran to proceed unhindered to “the point of no return…



  1. Quote:
    “my readers do not think much about Iran & their coming Nuclear weapons.”

    Another viewpoint of the average uneducated Joe(Me). I would think your wrong that people are not concerned about Nuclear weapons. It’s my single greatest fear for the future. Terrorists or terrorist nations get their hands on one and they wouldn’t hesitate to use it against us or anyone else they don’t like. And then what is the USA’s and/or the worlds response? The usual terrorist act kills a bunch of people… 9/11 killed over 3000. Alright, don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to say intentional killing is the same as a natural disaster or that it’s not a heart wrenching event for the families and the nations involved. But, (I know you hate buts, but the fact of the matter is ;} ) in the grand scheme of things 3000 people dead is not going alter the world. The tsunami that hit Thailand and other nations killed, what, over 100,000 people? (I could be way off there on the number) Yet Thailand moves on and seems as strong as ever. Nuclear weapons, on the other hand, scare me as a complete world changing event. (again, please don’t take my comments the wrong way, that I could care less about the 9/11 disaster. I remember President Bush shortly after that event saying something like, “I will not forget what has happened”. In our short term memory world, I applaud the President for sticking to his word even as everyone else seems to have to have forgotten. At the time of those comments I think 90+% of the nation was behind him in those words.)

    Off topic side note: Michelle, if you happen to read this, while you think it may not matter that you but heads with Mike, you’ll never change his mind… I, the average Joe, do enjoy reading your rebuttals. I get to see one persons extreme view, compared to another persons opposite extreme view… (with both views coming from well educated/read people 🙂 I should probably replace the word “extreme” with something like “passionate”)

    I wrote the above comments before looking at the article you linked to. I skimmed it quickly, but really, is there anything we can really do to stop the threat? Maybe delay it, sure. Whether it’s 6 months from now or 16 years, an enemy of the world will develop the technology. That’s what scares me the most. It’s inevitable.

  2. Off topic: Can I edit or preview my comments before submission? My smiley faces and winks got put in a slightly wrong place. OK, sure not the end of the world, but still, I’d like them to be where I intended. 🙂

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