Posted by: Maysman | July 21, 2008

Let’s love Nuc Power

In a post below I just threw out a line to charge electric cars with elec generated by nuclear reactors.  One line that jumped at me from the following Wall Street Journal article by Bill Tucker was…

…With a fully developed nuclear cycle, the French now store all the waste from 30 years of producing 75% of its electricity beneath the floor of one room at La Hague in Normandy….  I wonder if that statement is true.  Will research that.  Hmmm at a glance, looks like LOTS more than this statement implies… a tough but solvable problem.

Anyway, in the energy debate, this article will help you decide.



  1. I think the author of the article did not fully analyze the waste problem.

  2. Found the article you linked to interesting.

    Viewpoint of the average uneducated Joe(Me). Windpower makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Nuclear power brings out an automatic fear response… (Including Chernobyl (sp?) which I really know nothing about what happened)

    Quote from the article you linked to:
    Because the public first became aware of nuclear energy through warfare, reactors have always been thought of as “silent bombs.”

    I think it will take alot more links to articles (ie: education) to get rid of that automatic fear of the word Nuclear.

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