Posted by: Maysman | August 3, 2008

Obama shifts on oil

In Jan, 2007, Sen Obama proposed legislation to prohibit an “inventory” [NOT ACTUAL DRILLING] of offshore oil & gas resources. [S.115]   Well, I guess he didnt even want Americans to even know how much oil & gas is offshore.   A one man crusade to keep us ignorant about what’s at stake as Powerline thinks he was the only sponsor of this legislation.

O000ps… Swaying in the wind, Sen. O now says …”If it [off-shore drilling] is part of an overarching package, then I am not going to be rigid in preventing an energy package that goes forward that is really thoughtful and is going to really solve the problem…. [Does anyone but me have trouble understanding this gibberishly “nuanced” statement?] [And does anyone in the MSM or the blogs have a dictionary?  What is an overARCHING package?  Overreaching doesnt seem to fit the sentence either…J, any suggestions?]

Well, at least we can count on the Senator to adjust his positions.  However, as Paul notes… Drilling for oil offshore is either a good idea or bad idea. If it’s a good idea, then there is no reason why lifting the ban needs to be “part of an overaching” “really thoughtful” energy package. If it’s a bad idea, then Obama should not consent to it, and certainly should not signal his willingness to do so.

Browse Powerline [Link at the right side of this page] for more.


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