Posted by: Maysman | August 3, 2008

flight 93 memorial

Here is a pic of the design

Does it remind YOU of anything?

Have any of you followed this?  The National Park Service board decided on an extremely controversial “Crescent of Embrace” which closely resembles the Islamic Crescent.  How is that for stupid?  The FACT that many [including many of the families of people killed in the crash] find [perceive] the chosen design offensive should lead to a simple solution.  Just junk it and choose another design from the hundreds submitted.  Personally, I find the chosen design an offensive tribute to the Muslims who hi-jacked the airplane.

The architects who created the winning design say their design has nothing to do with Islam.  And maybe in their naivety they truly believe this.  BUT BUT, if a lot of us DO!… then ergo duh… Why on earth would the board go ahead with it?

If you do not believe me, please have the guts to check this pic from a column [Sept, 2005] from Michelle Malkin who says …”Tons of you are stunned, outraged, and sickened by the new Flight 93 Memorial…”

Or todays column by AJ Strata…

You can Google Flight 93 memorial for literally hundreds of links.

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