Posted by: Maysman | August 4, 2008

As Promised…No opinions here… Just a few facts to digest

Afghanistan…Population – 32 million… 99% Muslim  [80% Sunni] [Population is exploding for the obvious reason that they have a lot of kids even if a lot of them die and die at early ages.]

68% of the people have always been in one war or another

Lie expectancy is 44 years…Women have around 6.7 kids each and…

Maternal mortality is the 2nd highest in the world [1,600 deaths/100,000 live births] [Our country, the USA ranks about 41st and dead last among industrialized nations with 11 deaths/100,000 births]…

Infant mortality rate is about 155 deaths/1,000 live births as compared to the USA infant mortality rate which is about 6+ deaths/1,000 live births.

Terrorist attacks up 34% this year

2,800,000 are refugees in their own country [Afghanistan]

40% are unemployed

41% live in poverty

The only success industry is poppies… 4 BILLION $$ industry [Opium for those of you who are drug identification challenged]

FUBAR… Google it.

25 years to repair if even possible

Michael Yon… the premier war correspondent of our age and a truth teller opines…

01 August 2008
More than two years ago, I reported from the ground that we were losing the war in Afghanistan, a conclusion that was met with widespread ridicule and criticism.  Now, more than two years after those reports, the situation there has only gotten worse.

Our next President will have to make some painful decisions regarding Afghanistan.  If those decisions are unwise, we will lose the Afghan front of this war.

On the upside, however, our military has proven that it can take a war that looks un-winnable and turn it around.  During those very dark days in 2006 and early 2007, the Iraq war seemed lost to many “experts.”  Many “experts” were ready to cut and run.  But we won in Iraq.  Against heavy odds.  Our very experienced and capable military — who truly rescued victory from the jaws of defeat in Iraq — are my only hopes for Afghanistan.      Michael

You should read his blog.


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