Posted by: Maysman | August 4, 2008

The Boone Pickens Plan

I see the “Pickens Plan” as part of the Man to the Moon strategy involving all sources of energy… Drill everywhere [oil], Nuclear, Natural gas, wind, shale, hydroelectric, etc. and to repeat the Obama joke… Check your tires, peeps.  I know you have seen the Pickens ad on Tv so here is his website.



  1. I actually think Pickens has a point. Most of the drilling in North America is for gas. We have plenty of gas, but we are not finding a lot of oil. If we can convert gas to fuel cars, we will solve a problem. The oil companies own the rights to gas, so the oil companies will not be out of the picture, and I am sure we will be using oil for the rest of the lives of the people reading this blog.

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