Posted by: Maysman | August 5, 2008

McCain will show up [Aug 11 CBS]

I guess Obama will be too busy to actually debate man on man even though Ms. Carissa Picard [wife of a helicopter pilot doing a tour in Iraq] [and angry, so says the article] has set up a Presidential town hall meeting for Aug 11 near Fort Hood…[the LARGEST  active duty military  installation in the country]

Both Presidential candidates have been invited and CBS will broadcast it live. However, [BS alert]…Obama campaign spokeswoman Shannon Gilson said that while the senator has a scheduling conflict on Aug. 11, he “strongly supports” veterans and military families, and he has worked hard on their behalf in the Senate.  [Note: He will attend a private fundraiser in Hawaii on Aug 12 while on vacation]

Well, getting some more money into the till is certainly more important than a town hall debate with military personel isn’t it…?  And he might have to answer unscripted questions instead of reading a teleprompter.

We Repubs will POUND him on this … trust me on that.  AND, as his poll numbers have declined, we may see a flip flop on this debate.  He’s good at that.

BTW, Obama is not dumb.  He saw the pounding he took by dissing the hospital visit in Germany.  Even the MSM [Mainstream Media] will pick up on this snub.  I predict he will fly to Dallas for this one.  Should be a great debate.  As the article states, it’s not a slam dunk for McCain… Lots of these soldiers and their families are looking for a reason to vote for Obama.

Please read the article… it’s pretty good and objective.



  1. No one will watch anyway… Olympics.

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