Posted by: Maysman | August 9, 2008

Open water swimming Aug 20…0900

The swimming version of the marathon at the Olympic games… Open water swimming which is [I guess] 10 kilometers or 6.25 miles going 4 times around a 2.5 kilo course in Beijing.  I am going to take a nap just thinking about it.

No Pain, No Gain. No Risk, No Reward. No Lanes, No Lines. No Walls, No Mercy.

Quote from an open water swimmer: “It’s like swimming in a pack of piranhas with all the kicking, elbowing and scratches to prove it”  heh… I think i’ll watch this when it comes up.

For comparison with other famous long swims… English Channel 20 miles plus a little… Swim leg of the standard Ironman triathlon  2.4 miles.



  1. What beautiful blue waters and skies. Watching marathons is pretty boring in the long run…just the finishes.
    I used to watch the Bay to Breakers in SF, not for the actual competitive runners, but for all the crazy teams and their garb that came later.

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