Posted by: Maysman | August 12, 2008

The Democratic No-drilling zone

Democrats have blocked drilling for oil in … Oil in ANWR… off the coast of Florida… East Coast… West Coast… Alaskan Coast… as well as… Building oil refineries… Clean nuclear energy… Clean coal production… Just so you know… Sen. Obama is a Democrat.


They do want you to inflate your tires… So says Sen O… Quote… A good suggestion to be sure but hardly a serious plan…

Let’s not forget thte world’s LARGEST reserves.  That would be oil shale in Wyoming & Colorado.  Most experts say there’s enough oil locked in the shale to last the USA for 200 years or so… BUT, the Dems say NO.

BTW, China is setting up to start drilling for oil in Cuban waters… about 45 miles off the coast of Florida.


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