Posted by: Maysman | August 13, 2008

Russia goes Rogue…and… America wimps out

Ralph Peters
Ralph Peters

“IT’S impossible to overstate the importance of what’s un folding as we watch. Russia’s invasion of Georgia – a calculated, unprovoked aggression – is a crisis that may have more important strategic implications than Iraq and Afghanistan combined….

We’re seeing the emergence of a rogue military power with a nuclear arsenal. The response of our own government has been pathetic – and our media’s uncritical acceptance of Moscow’s version of events is infuriating.

This is the “new” Russia announcing – in blood – that it won’t tolerate freedom and self-determination along its borders….”

Is Ralph Peters worth paying attention to??  I think so in spades. Intelligence officer in the Army with views that were light years ahead of times..[ and correct] and author of 23 books… 16 novels… 7 nonfiction such as “Wars of Blood and Faith: The Conflicts That Will Shape the 21st Century”  …

This is a man whose views and opinions should be carefully factored into your thinking.


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