Posted by: Maysman | August 17, 2008

Swimming Pool

Just one of those unexpected things in life:
he's heading behind the house after school
and sees her standing there, someone's wife
undressing over the edge of her swimming pool.
Barefoot, she drops  her robe to the ground.  Within
the sultry-dark and muggy heats of the night,
her loveliness, her soft damp touchable skin,
luxurious, glows in the moon's faint light.
She swims a bit, then sits at the end of her day,
thinking of what? her past? a favorite song?
her husband?  Silently rising, she walks away
and into her home. He waits but not for long,
then enters the house; the air is fresh and cool; 

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  1. his wife is waiting, still damp with the wet of the pool.
    William Baer

  2. his thoughts are of her, still damp with the wet of the pool, as the police lead him away.


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