Posted by: Maysman | August 20, 2008

McCain finally gets it on energy

“He [Obama] says it won’t solve our problem and that it’s, quote, not real. He’s wrong and the American people know it,” McCain told reporters.

McCain on board for ALL solutions

McCain on board for ALL solutions

“We need to drill offshore and we need to do it now. If I were president, I would call Congress back into session and tell them to get to work,”

[Congress left the latest version of its energy bill hanging before taking its summer vacation.]

Experts note that lifting the offshore drilling bans, even if accomplished early in a McCain presidency, would not produce any oil for five to seven years. [mikenote:  This is just one of the stupidest statements that anti-oil people make.   They probably said that in 1994? when Clinton vetoed drilling in Anwar…. and that was ooops… 14 YEARS AGO!]

McCain acknowledged drilling “will not solve this problem alone.” He also emphasized need for other technologies, such as nuclear, wind and clean coal.

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