Posted by: Maysman | August 23, 2008

Sue John Edwards…

Here is an interesting thought.  Since… John Edwards LIED to people by denying he was having an affair … as Warren Buffet opines… I’ve seen a lot of class-action suits with less to it than this particular case. The facts are clear. I mean, he solicited money and he wasn’t telling the truth to the people he was soliciting it from.

Wouldn’t it be tasty if John Edwards, the trial lawyer who upped his net worth to 30 Million $$ or so got SUED by the people he misled.   Buffet… …”I think those people were defrauded. They sent money under–with the person who was soliciting the money from them misinforming them even when the National Enquirer came out with it during his campaign, he kept soliciting money and saying it isn’t true. I would think that they–it might be a pretty good class-action suit.”

heh.  One can only hope.  I wonder if that gal can be court ordered to take the paternity test.  Sry, I know I promised no more posts on this but this idea by Buffet was too fun to pass up.


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