Posted by: Maysman | August 24, 2008

Hands on heart during Anthem

Mens basketball

Men's basketball

Womens bb

Women's bb

They all got to climb the medals podium’s top step, see their flag raised and hear their national anthem.

On the podium, this group did NOT put their hands on their heart

On the podium, this group did NOT put their hands on their heart

Nor did the 1600 meter relay mens team

Nor did the 1600 meter relay men's team

I have no idea why I noticed this… but… after watching the Olympics for two weeks, it seems like the men’s and women’s 1600 meter relay teams were the ONLY ones who did not put their hands on their hearts during the American National Anthem.  So, I am thinking… There are 8 [EIGHT] PEOPLE involved…. and… NOT ONE placed their hand on their heart.  What are the odds that 8 [eight] people would not do that when every other participant does.  Nope.  The only conclusion I can come to is that they all agreed beforehand to NOT place their hands over their heart.


You know what… After HOURS of googling, I found tons of pics of other people on the gold medal stand during the National Anthem… but NONE [not ONE] of the 1600 relay men/women.  [I guarantee you that I replayed the medal ceremony and none of them did it]  There must be something going on here but I have no idea what they meant by it.   It is a simple sign that you are happy to have participated on behalf of America… Everyone else does it… why didn’t they???  And why is there no photo of either group during the national anthem???…or… do my googling skills need sharpening?

btw, I was rooting them in just like you and would again.   Do not get me wrong on that.

Add on:  The men’s volleyball team… all of them had no problem.  They seemed pretty happy to place hand on heart.  Nothing wrong with believing in your country… or high school… or a Marine coming to attention when the Marine Corps Hymn is played…



  1. Remember the fists raised? Maybe this was their way to demonstrate. J

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