Posted by: Maysman | August 29, 2008

Bases loaded… going going gooooooooooone

John McCain just won the presidency.  YOURS TRULY predicted that Biden was a mistake annnd that Barack should have chosen Clinton.  Now Senator Obama loses 100%.

Obama did not have the guts to select Clinton.  Whiiiimp.  Afraid of Bill clinton, I guess. Now he pays the price.



Or perhaps you prefer this pic from high school… 🙂

Wow.  How good looking is that?

Wow. How good looking is that?

Last of ninth… down three runs… bases loaded… no balls [no pun intended..or was it in my male chauvinist mind?… anyway…] 2 strikes… batter swings… ball going going… It is a Home RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McCain wins…

Mother of a soldier btw.

You want poll numbers.  I’ll give you the only poll sample you need.  ONE voter… That ONE vote [Fuanglada, my Thai wife] is incredibly excited and pumped up over Palin’s selection.  I have NEVER seen her so energized.  [Over politics?  Pleeeese.  This is exceptional.  [add-on… Fuanglada want to vote twice… 🙂  THAT is how a lot of women are going to feel]  I will post on why ALL feminists should vote McCain/Palin later today or tomorrow.  My logic will be unassailable.

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