Posted by: Maysman | August 30, 2008

Feminists and Clinton women… This is your new job

Obama chose this man instead of Hillary...

Obama chose this man instead of Hillary...

Does that make you feminists and Clinton women happy?

ALL feminists and Clinton women should now switch allegiances… work for and vote for McCain.  My logic is impeccable [in my own mind ]  I dare you feminists and Clinton women to challenge this line of reasoning.

Am I pandering? … a chauvinist?  yes.. both and probably a few other adjectives.  Hay,  remember, it wasn’t me who diss’d your woman  [Hillary] for an old white guy.  That would be Senator Obama who chickened out [I think he needed a little Marine Corps boot camp training instead of living the good life at Harvard] and instead of choosing a highly qualified woman … blew it [my opinion, please] and chose to keep the Presidency in the old boy’s club.  I am just a 70 year old blogger… who repeats himself in his alzheimerish haze… It is your guy, Obama, who is the bad guy.  I think [thought & posted it] that Obama – Clinton was almost a lock.  Now you Dems are going to lose.

Disclaimer: We in Alaska are veeery proud of our Gov.  She has a great track record.  We are Republicans and I offer this up as an unashamed pitch to get McCain elected.

Ok.  Here goes.

Premise:  Electing McCain – Palin will insure the complete advancement of women’s rights forever.

Theory:  If Obama is elected, it will be… could be… is likely that decades pass before you get a woman in the white house… You will have the black guy and the [male] Senator for 8 years and who knows after that.  Will Hillary still be viable in 8 years?  And… IF NOT, what woman will rise [is it likely folks?] to challenge for the Presidency?


Senario #1… Feminists & Clinton women switch to… campaign for… and elect McCain – Palin…

Result:  A woman Vice President in the white house from 2009 – 2012


2012 Presidential Election… Hillary Clinton is pretty much guaranteed to be the Dem candidate.

Then you SWITCH BACK and support Hillary.  She will not be stupid like the Obama people.  She will choose Obama for her VP and

#1.  Hillary wins… Therefore, a woman PRESIDENT from 2013 – 2016…. And as a sitting President is usually re-elected and therefore a woman PRESIDENT from 2017 – 2020. You now have put a woman into the White House for 12 years.

#2  Hillary loses… You still have a WOMAN in the White House… That’ll be 8 years with a woman in the White House.   Then Sarah Palin runs for President and the possibility of another 4 or 8 years with a woman as PRESIDENTFor a total of 16 years with a woman in the White House.


Either way, that last glass ceiling for women is completely and utterly shattered.  If you switch and vote for McCain, you pretty much guarantee a woman in the White House for 8 to 16 years.  End of Story.


Elect Obama and that glass ceiling remains in place and who knows when another woman will rise to the top.


To be fair… there are downsides… Supreme court Judges nominees will be conservative… BUT… with the big Dem majorities [possibly filibuster proof in the Senate] McCain will be forced to nominate more Centralist Judges to the Supreme Court as well as Federal Benches.  So your Dem majority will moderate in your direction… Not perfect but an acceptable [I think] compromise.


Your liberal agenda is in jeopardy… My answer: As we say in Alaska… Patience, Jacka** patience.  Give up 4 years to McCain – Palin and then go for it in 4 years.  Your gal lost this time… You chose the wrong person [Obama]… Live with it and make it up later.  It’s a long century coming up.

IF you wait for a Clinton – Obama ticket in 4 years you have an excellent chance to run the table for 16 years.  In 12 years [4 McCain + 8 Hillary] Obama will still be only 58 years old.  No Problem… then he’ll have the experience and a big resume.

Elect Obama this time and you may have a long long wait for the next woman to come along.

I hate to say this but you Dems were crazy to choose this particular ticket.  As I said previously an Obama – Clinton or a Clinton – Obama ticket would be pretty much unstoppable.  [See previous post called “Obama VP pick is” or “What is PUMA?]

You have chosen just about the only scenario that gives us[we?] Republicans a chance this year.  Go for the long run … bite your lip… go for McCain – Palin… and get YOUR lady in the White House next cycle.

Btw,  we Alaskans just ROFLOAO as the Dems seem to be wishing John McCain to die.  That seems to be their best argument.  They seem … let’s see… I think the word is desperate… I think that they realize that Obama blew it.

Btw2… Palin is going to be an excellent Vice President and a heartbeat away from the Presidency is just fine here.  Far better than the very bad decisions that Obama has made so far.  You can check my posts below for what I think of him.

[But that’s just me… ]

btw3… Did you notice that Sarah spoke without a teleprompter Friday?  Heh.


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