Posted by: Maysman | August 31, 2008

Baby bears for Palin

Vote for Palin or I’ll punch you in the snotlocker>

Reporter: MR. McCain, how do you respond to charges that Palin has no experience?

McCain: If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

Meanwhile, a woman I know said… quote..”.I wrote to Obama this AM and said I was basically insulted that McCain would choose Palin.  To me, it suggests he plans to govern alone, and thus demeans her as a candidate; the job she’s up for is simply beyond her pay grade*, so she is tokenized.”

Btw, this woman added quote… “*Recall: I have been to Wasilla.”

I hope she reads my Sarah videos this week and becomes acquainted with this remarkable woman.

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