Posted by: Maysman | August 31, 2008

Meet Sarah Palin on ANWR

You want to learn about Alaskas Gov?

You want to learn about Alaska's Gov?

J, Kym, all Strata visitors…You want to meet Sarah?  Listen to this very smart lady talk… 11:41… [Alert… this video is going to show a very short commercial… then it reloads the Palin interview]

ANWR …[Usually pronounced ANWar] Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

2,000 acres out of 20,000,000 acres [twenty million]…btw, Caribu herds are increasing and thriving…Trillions of cu feet clean natural gas… billions of barrels of oil…

ooops… Senator Biden voted against Alaskan pipeline 30 years ago and 15 billion barrels of oil have so far flowed through it.  haha… Sarah the Barracuda … Watch out, Joe.  You are in for one long night debating this woman.

You know one thing that kind of jumped at me… 11:41 and not one single… like Senator Obama does.  This lady knows exactly what she is talking about.  Talks about Obama and Biden’s naivity about energy.


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