Posted by: Maysman | August 31, 2008

More Sarah, J

I am going to post Sarah Palin video links all this week so you can make up  your mind about our Alaskan gal…. Does it annoy Sarah that she is sometimes called America’s hottest Governor?  heh.

Hay, Is it Sarah who is above her pay grade or Joe B??…. But surely the one who has the best argument is the one who argues that Obama is waaaaaay above his pay grade in applying for POTUS. [President Of The United States]

Yes, I know the videos here are fluff pieces.  I’ll find some on substance later today and be sure to watch the video in the post below called

Meet Sarah Palin on ANWR

Pumpkins for Sarah...

Alaskan pumpkins for Sarah...all 907 pounds of me

Also… a personally signed message from our Sarah…



  1. Saw and listened to Sarah… Sorry, not that impressed. More empahsis on being a good Mom, ie: Hockey Mom, basketball coach, fisherman,etc. Worked her way up in the political arena. Don’t we all?
    Lord, her credentials are 2 degrees above mine. My town is almost as big as the one she was apointed mayor (give or take a few hundred). I’ve served on major Board of Directors for steering commitees that guide our schools, our development and to some extent our city policies. PTO president (2 years) fundraising chairperson ( almost $800,000 back to our schools alone in the past 4 years) Mom and wife. Other than being a mayor and a govenor of a state with a population that is 1/4 the population of Brooklyn, New York, she and I are not all that different. Am I qualified to lead a nation? ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!! I wouldn’t even take on a small town mayor job. Do I respect her..absolutely. However, I don’t vote with my ovaries..I vote with my heart and brain.
    God bless the people of New Orleans and Louisiana…Gustav is breathing down their neck. McCain just got a break.. from Mother Nature. Heard Bush and Cheney are headed to New Orleans to assist.They will supposedly miss the GOP convention. One less thing for McCain to have to worry about, a speech by Bush.

  2. Hi & welcome aboard. Suggestion… I am a blog reader and your comment just a wee bit long to capture attention. Sparse the words. Did you not read my disclaimer? and Did you read the post below called “Meet Sarah on ANWR” There is substance there and I am looking up and I am looking up substance type videos this week.

  3. y, … as I stated… These are fluff interviews… to get a feel for Sarah’s personality…Did you read the one in the post below where she talks about energy and ANWR??

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