Posted by: Maysman | September 1, 2008

Dems gone wild…

Browsed the Huffington Post blog… It is a quite liberal blog and widely read by the left… They are going absolutely bananas trying to dig dirt on our Sarah.  I think subconsciously they realize that Sen. O blew his presidency by not choosing Clinton and are trashing Sarah.  Of course, they try to put it as though they are posting real news stuff… For instance… THIS is baaaad…. Ooooo… Sarah in college wearing a T-shirt that says

“I may be broke but I’m not flat busted”…  🙂

[Alert alert… Yui & other Thais… The word “Busted” as used here is an idiom [joke] because of double meaning. “Not flat busted” could mean that I do have a little bit of money… or… the joke is that Sarah has a nice full figure… you know… somewhat big… ah… sigh… Is this an adult blog?… anyway, you know what I mean.  ]

I am so happy.  I will be the Vice President someday.

I am so happy. I will be the Vice President someday.

Hay, Does this mean that the Code Pink ladies can support the Republicans now?



  1. Love the shirt! My husband used to use that phrase all the time. I haven’t heard it since he died 14 years ago. When we would go somewhere and I would ask him for money for something if I didn’t have my purse he would say “I’m just like a girl with a double a bra, I’m flat busted.

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