Posted by: Maysman | September 2, 2008

Senator Obama is ♥ a Timid man ♥

To stay with my blog theme… Here is a person who is NOT timid…

I should have voted for Sarah... Pass it on

I should have voted for Sarah... Pass it on

Our Sarah

Palin’s veto ax lops $268 million from Alaskan budget

TENSION: Some legislators say cuts were unnecessary and went too deep.  Heh.  Suck it up peeps.

————————-Another article…Sarah Palin’s high-profile crusade against corruption and complacency in her own state party over the last few years has made Palin the Frank Serpico

…The cop who couldn’t be bought… …The first police officer not only in the history of the New York Police Department, but in the history of any police department in the whole United States, to step forward to report and subsequently testify openly about widespread, systematic cop corruption-payoffs amounting to millions of dollars…

of Alaska politics: she publicly ratted out her state party chairman, whupped the good old boys network in a gubernatorial primary and fought a general election in which the scandal-stained state GOP didn’t lift a finger on her behalf. She only won because she had the enthusiastic backing of independents and grassroots activists… [Sry, I lost the link]


Do you think ♥ The Timid man ♥ [Don’t faint girls… sigh… I can feel the tingle down my leg]  can skin anything?  Well, the Presidency is clearly above his pay grade in that case.


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