Posted by: Maysman | September 3, 2008

Cheerleading for Sarah

And besides that, I can bowl a 200 game blindfolded

And besides that, I can bowl a 200 game blindfolded

I have very bad un-Politically Correct news for the Dems… Forget all the Alaska so-called scandals… Do they really believe that a normal American male will vote for a ticket & look forward to at least 4 years of listening to Joe Biden talking talking talking when they [we] can vote for a woman like this.

Ask yourself this… Who would you follow into the fire?  Obama with Biden by his side or McCain with Palin by his side.

As Rudy {I think] noted… If the Presidential candidate is locked in battle with the opposing Vice Presidential candidate, that is a clear sign that the Presidential candidate is sinking into the quicksand.

I was very amused to hear the pundits at MSNBC trying to trash our Sarah in the most solemn tones.  hehe.

The Timid man ♥ will now lose.  Tx Sarah  Don’t think I have much to add if you watched the speech… Home run sarah… Dems in panick… About the best they can do is saying that her speech was written by someone else… Ooooo




    Governor Sarah Palin was superb tonight! I think we may have just seen the future president of the US speak!

    What a breath of fresh air. She knocked her speech OUT of the park.

  2. Sarah did great, I have been on many blogs since the speech, most are overjoyed. She is one GAME lil pitbull. but there is much more crap on the way. KOS has 51 talking points he is pushing to be spread throughout the blogging world. most are repetitive lies but they just want clutter in peoples minds. never mind the truth. GOD BLESS YOU SARAH, we can do this. they are scared to death, and that panics weak minds. take care, be safe. aloha

  3. The people of the great State of Alaska should tell the media they will only speak with them when they honestly start vetting Obama. Sarah is the NEW generation of politicians this country has needed and the Republicans aren’t afraid of starting the revolution. The Dems are the party of doom and gloom! oh, and let’s not forget taxation from the Dems. Every small business owner will have to close up shop with the Dems in office because they can’t afford the taxes and even more big corporations will move overseas for the same reason.

    From all the doom and gloom the Dems have spread, Governor Sarah Palin brings HOPE!!!!

  4. I’ve been posting links to your site at various places. (Most recent at Don Surber’s).

    So I’m going to boldly say that a perfect score in bowling is 300, not 200, for the picture caption.

  5. heh… Looking glass… Stand by… Pretty soon I am going to Soldotna and bowl blindfolded. What do you predict my score? Tx for the links. I’ll check out Surber.

  6. This post was hilarious!

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