Posted by: Maysman | September 4, 2008

Senator McCain speaks to America

Senator John McCain speaking to Vets For Freedom

Senator John McCain speaking to Vets For Freedom

I was privileged to listen to Senator McCain last April [2008] at Vets For Freedom.  Now that we voters are tasked to compare him to Senator Obama… Let me just say that I, Maysman, would not hesitate  to follow Senator McCain into the fire.  As a Marine we just say… Semper Fi, Senator.  [Hay, someone had to be in the Navy]

Re: Our Sarah… A savage competitiveness that is not, perhaps, apparent at first glance.  Now, I repeat myself… Do not worry about our Sarah.  Save your pity for Slow Joe who has to go face to face with this woman.   She is no one’s victim.

Btw, we saw Miss Congeniality last night… Sarah the Barracuda will be making appearances shortly.

Speech grade:
McCain [B]… A shame he had to throw President Bush under the bus but it had to be done.  Consider this, IF Senator McCain had given Kudos to President Bush… the Dems would use it as a talking point and in their ads… and… if this opening gave Obama the Presidency in a close race… Has Senator McCain served his country well? I think not.
Palin [A+… Is there a grade higher than an A+ ??]
Cindy B+… Everyone else zzzzzzz

I opine that the debates will decide who is the next POTUS [President Of The United States]. Barring someone on either side messing up really badly, they are in a dead heat [I think] with the country waiting for the face to face confrontations


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