Posted by: Maysman | September 6, 2008

Sarah, you are so sweet…

Day by Day…  Some fun cartoons…

Saaaarah… the barracuda… Put on your lipstick, baaaby…. oh yeah oh yeah… Chorus please

Damm, I dont think I want to be Joe Biden at the debates.

—————-Here’s the Barracuda song…

———-and I could be wrong on this… and maybe I am taking too much Viagra lately for my 70 years old bones… and I know it is sooooo un Politically correct [politically incorrect?] to even suggest it…. BUT… a lot of guys are going to vote with their ah, er, um, hmmm… well, you know… Will this factor show [up] in the polls… I think not… We will all lie about it… In any event… here is another video

….And the Troopergate post has gotten a lot of hits on this blog… Here is our Sarah being interviewed and, as usual, As usual, just answers the questions asked in a clear and non-evasive way…

Ok, I brought the trooper story up to page one… Scroll down…


  1. This is Maysman…Yes, I know the Heart people have denied Palin the use of their song…
    Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, core members of the band since the late 1970s, emailed a statement to the McCain/Palin campaign on Thursday afternoon, denying the Republican ticket use of their classic rocker, “Barracuda,” as a theme for Vice Presidential nominee Palin.
    Here is the link if you are interestsed…,,20223698,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontentcnn

  2. I don’t quite know how to say this, but, I totally get your, uh, excitement, but please, as a woman that reads quite a lot of blogs, this ‘take’ on our future VP can be filed under TMI.

    Too Much Information. You are hardly the first man to mention this. I cannot tell you how many times I have read this very thing. We, I shouldn’t speak for other women, but I honestly don’t want to know about that tingle running down your leg.

    I think these blogs have convinced people that every little thought that pops into their heads is fit to print.

    Not trying to be a spoil sport! I enjoy your blog. (just not that part)

  3. Tx Swink… You confirm that the “tingle” [which you may know is a my version of a takedown of Chris Matthews’ reaction to a Senator Obama speech… which Matthews made on national tv…] is not just my own observation… I should introduce you to my niece… 🙂 who smacks me regularly about my old fashioned chauvinist views… [or are you my niece in disguise?]

    Or maybe my daughter… heh.

    The serious point I was trying to make is that I believe there is a hidden men’s vote for our Sarah that no one will ever be able to quantify or count in any poll… and that it may be sizable… Best & Semper Fi

  4. I agree with you Maysman. I think there are a lot of men who will want to get Sarah into the WH just so they will be able to see more of her. For the record, I’m female and take absolutely NO offense to your description of why some men may vote, lol.

    As a female, I’ll be keeping my eye on Todd (wink)

    I like that eye candy, lol.

  5. Hay Joe[sephine]… Anyone thinking about Todd better check out that 2nd picture above … 🙂

  6. 2nd thought… Joe… Serious… My shortsightedness… You look at it from the female side… so my question is… Women voting for Todd? … Do you really believe that there is some large number of women who might just do that to keep a handsome guy like that around?

    hahahaha… My wife, Fuanglada, just said women will hate our Sarah because she has such a stud guy who washes dishes and helps take care of 5 kids and they’re jealous… Excuse me, I have to go fall in love.
    PS… Fuanglada = May… Therefore my screen name

  7. hmmm, tell May that actually having a stud guy like Todd in the WH knowing that he washes dishes and takes care of 5 kids will actually help women convince their husbands that they need to do the same thing, lol. Think about it, having a manly man who also helps with all those domestic chores – ah, girls can dream can’t they? hehehe

    As long as us women salivate from afar and in private over Todd we should be safe. I’ll make sure I don’t wear anything shiny and sparkly to draw attention to myself. (wink)

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