Posted by: Maysman | September 6, 2008

Anne Kilkenny from Wasilla, Alaska

A real person… The letter is real… You will be hearing and seeing a lot of her. ———— It is 1 am as I write this…. If this story gets big, I will investigate more… As you know, I live in Alaska… Having read Mrs./Ms Kilkenny’s letter… right off the top of my head from 250 miles away from Wasilla I can debunk quite a few of her objections.

On the Wasilla stuff, I have no information whatsoever… Based on her comments on things that I do know about… Some are simple differences of opinion… There is truth to some… Some are just sour grapes from a person whose ideology [I think] is very different from Governor Palin’s.

hmmm… “Fourth, she [Palin] has hated me since back in 1996 when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the city librarian…”… [From the letter]

[Mikenote:  For some reason, this sentence jumps out to me… That she is so important in Sarah Palin’s world that Sarah “hates” her…Is that not a pretty strong verb?… That she, Ann Kilkenny, is so important in Sarah’s world…and now she is going to pay back that woman who hates her… Probably just my active romance novel imagination working overtime]

You know, after re-reading her letter… Lot of resentment & innuendo & statements that Mrs. Kilkenny anoints as facts but are actually her opinions…A lot of very very angry adjectives… And I do not see how she knows a lot of that stuff unless she is a mind-reader…

I am going to conclude off the top of my head that there is substance to her Wasilla claims but not to the extend that she opines…She is there…

When she gets to the Governor stuff… I just do not see it her way for the most part…. A lot of the stuff she complains about or insinuates are bad are just plain differences of opinion. AGIA, for instance, that she mentions as if it is a swear word… Ok, I just brought the fired trooper story to page 1… Note:  It was not actually the trooper who was fired… And… Let me research this a little… I [think] the man who was so called “fired” was offered another job but refused it… not actually fired. [Do not quote me on that until I research it a little more]

I guess she is in the 15% of Alaskans who do not like our Sarah.



  1. Hi! I found your blog over at Don Surber’s. We are enthusiastic Sarah supporters trying to link up with others. We have a small internet forum that is always looking for good new friends. Take care.

  2. Quite frankly, I never took the comments attributed to Sarah to mean she was trying to ban books. I have to wonder if someone in the library wasn’t trying on their own to keep certain books out and Sarah was trying to get to the bottom of it as to whether it was truth or not. I think any investigation of this alleged book banning would probably go back to the former mayors of Wasilla and the people in charge of the library.

  3. Hi, as promised, I stopped by. Kilkenny prefaced her perspective by stating that she had been an active resident at much of which most Alaskans were not. It’s one thing to be at the PTA, City Council meetings and another to read 5 lines about its’ coverage in the local news. Also, your local approval of Palin suits what is relevant to Alaska and Alaskans. Most of the rest of the country does not consider the endangerment of Alaskan bears, or non-endangerment, as a critical issue. And, the Americans who are more involved and informed than others know we can’t afford to get stuck with beauty and pimping the mother of five stuff. We need someone who understands what a vice-president does before she got appointed, has a clue about foreign policy (and doesn’t plan to get that as on-the-job training since a VP is supposed to be President-ready), comprehends the world economic landscape so she could make the right decisions for the us economy, and need I go on? Alaskan or not, Palin isn’t qualified and who would suggest that she should go and sit with world leaders, in the event that her advisors and speech writers got laringitis, in two months, if need be?

  4. Mulloverthis – it has become sooooo obvious that the Obamabots are out in full force because their messiah is slipping and slipping fast in the polls. Do you really think the average American wants the Chicago mob in OUR White House, let alone people like Wright, Pfleger, Ayers, Farrakhan etc.

    You might want to talk to your leader about his lying about his “muslim” religion. Most people when talking about their religion don’t make THIS type of gaffe

    I find it laughable that you think some old has-been who has accomplished nothing in his life other than taking taxpayer dollars for a salary is somehow MORE qualified than Sarah Palin. Go ahead and give me the resume of Obama and Biden as it pertains to their experience dealing with the economy. Give me Obama and Biden’s experience when it comes to dealing with a potential crisis or an actual crisis. Name ONE time Obama or Biden have ever had to make a FINAL decision on ANY issue where it would affect people’s lives.

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