Posted by: Maysman | September 6, 2008

Flags in garbage bags…

Flags as saved and bagged by the Republicans…

Flags as thrown away at the Dem Convention… …for more pics…

I gotta say this… I flew airplanes for 38 years… 33 as Captain… In my world, you MUST admit it if  you have made a mistake…  I have changed my mind a LOT of times when I am wrong… IF not, in my business, sometimes your inability to change your mind will kill you and your passengers… I have heard Senator Obama say sooo many times… “You know, I have always said that….”  BS alert peeps… Backtracking gets really old, sir…

As a member of Vets For Freedom, I really resent your recent comments trying to take credit for the success in Iraq [or “Eye Rack” as our Sarah says it 🙂 ]  Do you not see how transparent this is when compared to your actual votes and statements and the entire thrust of the Democratic establishment’s campaign… [I wonder why the runaway Democrats do not talk about Iraq much these days?  BTW, did you hear about the dopey Senate resolution YOUR “experienced” Vice Presidential pick sponsored and got passed ?? ]  Well, sir, I will be getting into that subject in detail later on.


As usual, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.. nails it exactly… winding up with this statement…

Instead of just saying that their people made a really stupid error and apologizing, Team Obama decided to tell a ridiculous lie to get themselves off the hook… Read it all…



  1. We knew as early as August 29 that the flags were in the trash. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Obama always has an excuse for everything. He is hard put to ever admit a mistake. He is the “messiah” afterall.

  2. Y, that site is where I found, copied and added the second pic from, Joe. Tx for ref… If anyone else wants to see a few more pics… go to the above link. Maysman

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