Posted by: Maysman | September 7, 2008

I am worried about McCain’s stamina

No, not the Presidential candidate… His wife and staff

Pics from Senator McCain’s daughter’s blog

Dang… I did not consider this as I am Maysman [My wife = Fuanglada = May] … but… that would be one helluva stud to have in the White House… Feminists should love this guy… Does he-man stuff… then comes home and does diapers… dishes… baby sits…  cooks… while Mom vetoes wasteful bills REPUBLICANS send to her desk as Alaskan Governor… Check him OUT, gals, at the Anchorage Daily News…

Our Sarah [the barracuda] says quote… he is “MY GUY’ if you missed it.

[So scroll down to the “Sarah, you are so sweet…” post for the penalty if you try anything… However private fantasies are allowed for the sake of party unity]

Hay, I think you should read that article all the way through, gals, and then vote TWICE for McCain. 🙂


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