Posted by: Maysman | September 8, 2008

Alert… Obama wants to go one on one with our Sarah

Senator Obama jokingly concluded his interview with Stephanopoulos saying he would be open to going one-on-one in basketball with Sarah Palin.

“You know, I would play her a game of horse,” said Obama. “She looks like she’s got some game.” But Obama said he doesn’t fear her…. “On the basketball court, I think I’d stand up pretty well,”  he said.

[Disclaimer for the sarcasm to follow… In truth, I think this Obama comment is pretty good humor… and an excellent disguised put down comment about the opponent… Give him a wd for that… but one wonders… Did his speechwriters make up that line?… and did he have a teleprompter so he could get it right? ]

[But even with the disclaimer, I am confused… Does he therefore mean he would NOT stand up to her very well anywhere else?]

Well, I am a compassionate guy and I do not want a possible future President to get embarrassed by a woman …. so… since I am Maysman….

I challenge Senator Obama to a one on one basketball game for the Presidency… Now, I do not want to take unfair advantage so I have aged a bit since this 1955 photo and gotten a quadruple heart by-pass surgery so I think that should even it up somewhat…

I think fair rules should be about like we used up in Yellowstone Park in 1959… We will pick someone out of the crowd with these instructions… Call the out of bounds… Otherwise, we don’t want to hear that whistle and slow down the game with a bunch of wimpy free throws… I promise not to rough you up too much, Senator… and… It’ll be good practice for meeting with all those bad guys you want to meet with…  Give me a few weeks to limber up my old  bones and get that shot working since it has been a few decades since I have played.  Well, I did score 38 points in a 32 minute high school game once and 17 points in 3 minutes in college once so I am thinking that ♥ A Timid man ♥ like yourself would not like to be embarrassed by a 70 years old geeze either.  What to do?

Ah, I have it… if you like… we can bowl for for the Presidency… I will bowl blindfolded and you can do whatever you do… Again, If you think this is still too much an advantage for me, I will use the small kids ball.

I hope this saves  you the embarrassment of our Sarah taking you up on your basketball challenge… I know I am fearing for Senator Biden’s well being when he goes one on one with her at the Vice Presidential debate…

Best and Semper Fi from Alaska… btw, I am #4 in the pic…

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