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What do Iraq Vets have to say? [This is a very serious post]

Now this is going to create a SURGE!

Now this is going to create a SURGE!  I just like this pic.  It has nothing to do with the post.

—I know I joke around too much.   However, this post is deadly serious… I do not believe we should trust my [your] [America’s] Marines, Soldiers, Navy and Air Force and Coast Guard to the leadership of Senator Obama.  I happen to know LOTS about Muslims as I worked 14+ years in Saudi Arabia.  Whatever your opinions are about the rational for initiating the war in Iraq, surely you must agree that a successful conclusion is essential to the world.  This country is in the center of the caliphate envisioned by Al Qaeda and other Muslim extremists, terrorists and in the mosques.

While in Saudi Arabia… in 1994 I wrote a “Dear All” letter to my friends and family talking about Osama Bin Ladin and the danger he represented.  Unfortunately,  as I “sort of” followed his career, I, too was not smart enough and/or motivated enough to connect the dots.  Enough… Kindly take the time to read this long post and you will see what Senator Obama has said… No matter what he NOW CLAIMS… If elected, I will wish this man a great and successful term as President of the United States… That is what we should all do… For now, I mightely oppose him…

—The  next time Obama talks about Iraq, just re-read this post and go to … They recently sent 8 Vets to Iraq to survey and report back on the mission.  Just a note: Maysman “surged” to Wash. DC with them last April [2008]… Vets for Freedom members from 48 states took part in almost 400 meetings with Senators and Representatives, and were present and mentioned during Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus’ testimony before the Senate…

—I imagine Senator Obama is saying something like… Dang those pesky Vets, why do they keep quoting me? …

—And, Senator Obama, if you would like to review the “expert” on foreign relations that you signed as your VP choice… sigh… I hate to break the bad news… but… Slow Joe Biden voted AGAINST the 1991 Iraq War which had a very good result… and… FOR the 2003 War and he is privy to much secret information as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee… Then he said his vote was a mistake… This is a very confused man… Read Powerline to sort of unravel what he might have been thinking… I once watched him take nine minutes to ask one question at a hearing… Man, that guy can really talk…

—I had the privilege of standing besides this warrior and shaking his hand… Marcus Luttrell… Read his book… “Lone Survivor” if you dare…

Marcus Luttrell...Navy Seal

Marcus Luttrell… Navy Seal

This post is  long but I know you will pay attention.

—Vets for Freedom  has made a nice little list of what Sen. Obama ACTUALLY SAID… as opposed to what he wants you to THINK HE SAID.  I swear that man can say with a straight face…”I have always maintained… etc” and you believe it because he seems so sincere … and… would a Presidential candidate just lie in your face?

—To be fair, I give Sen. O a credit for opposing the war… That question will be answered by history.   However, what is is… and Sen. O has been sooooo far wrong aside from that moot question… well, read on.

—Senator Obama has repeatedly denied the success of the surge, credited anything but the surge for reductions in violence in Iraq, and attempted to doom it to failure before it was even fully implemented. Senator Obama in his own words:

—“The surge is not working,” Obama’s old Iraq plan stated (on website). Daily News, 7/14/08 [Maysman…Now scrubbed from his website]

—“We don’t need more spin about how the surge is succeeding in doing what it was supposed to do which is to get the Iraqi’s to stand up and take responsibility for their own future, so we can start sending our troops home.” Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At a Town Hall, Rapid City, SD, 5/31/08

—“My assessment is that the surge has not worked and we will not see a different report eight weeks from now.” NBC’s “The Today Show,” 7/18/07

—“I welcome the genuine reductions of violence that have taken place, although I would point out that much of that violence has been reduced because there was an agreement with tribes in Anbar province Sunni tribes — who started to see, after the Democrats were elected in 2006, you know what, the Americans may be leaving soon, and we are going to be left very vulnerable to the Shi’as. We should start negotiating now. That’s how you change behavior.” Democratic Debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H, 1/5/08

—“So, I think it is fair to say that the president has simply tried to gain another six months to continue on the same course that he’s been on for several years now. It is a course that will not succeed.”  Huffington Post Mash-Up: 2007 Democratic on-line debate 9/13/07

—“I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there.  In fact, I think it will do the reverse.” MSNBC’s “Response to the President’s Speech On Iraq,”  1/10/07
Other quotes:

—“So far, I think we have not seen the kind of political reconciliation that’s going to bring about longterm stability in Iraq.” Obama speaks during a news conference at the citadel in Amman, Jordan,
Tuesday, 7/22/08

…”Given the deteriorating situation, it is clear at this point that we cannot, through putting in more troops or maintaining the presence that we have, expect that somehow the situation is going to improve.” NBC’s “Meet the Press,” 10/22/06

—-“But the same factors that led me to oppose the surge still hold true. The strain on our military has grown, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated and we’ve spent nearly $200 billion more in Iraq than we had budgeted. Iraq’s leaders have failed to invest tens of billions of dollars in oil revenues in rebuilding their own country, and they have not reached the political accommodation that was the stated purpose of the surge.” Barack Obama, Op-Ed, “My Plan For Iraq,” The New York Times, 7/14/08

—“Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq. He will remove one to two combat
brigades each month, and have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months.” Obama For
America Website, Accessed 7/3/08

—“The Problem — The Surge: The goal of the surge was to create space for Iraq’s political leaders to reach an agreement to end Iraq’s civil war. At great cost, our troops have helped reduce violence in some areas of Iraq, but even those reductions do not get us below the unsustainable levels of violence of mid-2006.

Moreover, Iraq’s political leaders have made no progress in resolving the political differences at the
heart of their civil war.” Obama For America Website, Accessed 7/3/08

—“The overall strategy is failed because we have not seen any change in behavior among Iraq’s political leaders. 2007 Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada 11/15/07

—“And it is very important at this stage, understanding how badly the president’s strategy has failed.”
2007 Democratic primary debate at Dartmouth College 9/27/07

—“My assessment is that the surge has not worked and we will not see a different report eight weeks from now.” NBC’s “The Today Show,” 7/18/07

—“Given the deteriorating situation, it is clear at this point that we cannot, through putting in more troops or maintaining the presence that we have, expect that somehow the situation is going to improve.”  NBC’s “Meet the Press,” 10/22/06

—While on his trip to Iraq, Senator Obama suggested he would shrug off the counsel and advice
from commanders on the ground with regards to force levels. In a television interview from the
US Embassy, Senator Obama made the following statements:
Barack Obama ABC Nightline Interview, July 21, 2008

—ABC’s Terry Moran: “And then we sat down with [Barack Obama] to talk about what has become an
open disagreement between military commanders here and Obama, over his plan to withdraw all U.S.
combat troops from Iraq on a 16-month timetable. Did General Petraeus talk about military concerns
about your timetable?”

—Barack Obama:  [BS alert… I am not going to answer the question… I am going to put out one of my vague, wishy, washy all over the place statements] “You know, I would characterize the concerns differently. I don’t think that they’re deep concerns about the notion of a pullout per se. There are deep concerns about, from their perspective, a timetable that doesn’t take into account what they anticipate might be some sort of changing conditions. And this is what I mean when I say we play different roles. My job is to think about the national security interests as a whole, and to have to weigh and balance risks, in Afghanistan,  in Iraq. Their job is just to get the job done here. And I completely understand that.”  [Mikenote: … I think Senator Obama in his own mind really thinks he is talking as if anyone can understand what he is saying… To me, this is almost gibbrish]

—Moran: “But the difference is real. Commanders here want withdrawals to be based on conditions on
the ground. Obama emphasizes his timetable, but he insists he would remain flexible. I’m going to try to pin you down on this ”

—Obama: “Here let me say this, though, Terry, because, you know, what I will refuse to do, and I think that, you know…is to get boxed in into what I consider two false choices, which is either I have a rigidtimeline of such and such a date, come hell or high water, we’ve gotten our combat troops out, and I am blind to anything that happens in the intervening six months or 16 months. Or, alternatively, I am completely deferring to whatever the commanders on the ground says, which is what George Bush says he’s doing, in which case I’m not doing my job as commander-in-chief.”  [Another Mikenote:  Commander in Chief ?  Not    quite    yet, sir]


  1. No comments from Maysman regarding Senator Kennedy and Senator Clinton’s speaches? Amazing!

  2. Kennedy… What’s to say.. So long.. GL
    Clinton… Dems having buyers remorse I am thinking. See post below about an Obama/Clinton or a Clinton/Obama ticket. Had Clinton won, I would bet my house vs a Carl’s Jr. $6.oo burger she would have chosen Obama as VP…
    that ticket would have just murdered McCain in the vote count. Now with Obama we Repubs have a pretty good chance.

  3. Obama said that the surge wasn’t working. The surge was supposed to give the Iraq parlement time to make their changes and fix their government. They stalled and delayed. There is no success there. The Anbar provence comment is true. These things happened before the surge. Obama knows what he is talking about. Vets should support intelligent leaders, not fakes that won’t vote for veterans benefits.

  4. Underdogs comment is so true. Bush and McCain spout off about supporting the troops, and then they vote against veterans benefits. Thank God the new GI Bill was passed, no thanks to Bush/McSame, who didn’t support it.

  5. Tx to AFVET & Dog for comments. As I am new to blogging, any and all honest and non-abusive chat is welcome.

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