Posted by: Maysman | September 9, 2008

Alert… McCain quits Presidential Race

Palin... A Future President

Here is what happened…  First, Senator McCain selected Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate…

No, not the one on the right, you morons.  The little squirt at McCain’s right elbow… Who stole the show…

Thank you for agreeing to be my Vice President

McCain thanks Piper Palin as he senses that she will galvanize the entire convention and the Republican Party leading to a huge swing in the electorate…

Hay hay hay... Get outa the way, Mom.  Senator McCain picked ME!

Sarah Palin is gracious at being passed over as VP… But tries to hog the spotlight… Piper Palin is having none of THAT nonsense…

You want my advice on foreign affairs, Mom?  No problem.

Mom is gracious in defeat… After all, as a true Feminist, she is happy to know a woman will be in the White House…

I accept your nomination for President of the United States... Dad, you can be Dad... and Mom, you can still be Vice President

BUT BUT BUT…After hearing Palin’s acceptance for VP… In an unprecedented spontaneous revolt against the old boy’s club…the delegates reconsidered… and demanded a revote… Here is a picture after the voting…

I accept your nomination for President of the United States… Dad,  you can be Dad… and Mom, now you can still be Vice President… By the way… Has anyone seen that nice Senator McCain?… I really liked him.

This exclusive photo taken after Piper’s being elected POTUS…

Mom, I’ll take that call from Putin now.  We have to get this situation in Georgia [the country] settled… and right now!  Put Senator Biden on hold…

———–PA pundits at

has an updated video of Piper’s road to the White House… J, you just HAVE to open this one…. Too too fun…



  1. She’s a peach! And her mom will make a great vp.

  2. priceless is the only way to describe the love she showed Trig while she was holding him during her mom’s speech.

    Piper is a little princess!

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