Posted by: Maysman | September 10, 2008

Is LTC Kurilla a maverick?

I dunno… He sure is a warrior…

Kurilla was in the open, but his judo roll had left him slightly to the side of the shop. I screamed to the young soldiers, “Throw a grenade in there!”

“Bad timing,” explained LTC Erik Kurilla, lying in his hospital bed at the Madigan Army Hospital in Fort Lewis, Washington. [ 🙂 & heh]  Titanium replaces part of his shattered femur, while the wounds in his other leg and arm are healing quickly.   He will return to his command of 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment (better known as “Deuce Four”) when they return from Iraq in late September. “I wanted to be there with my soldiers until the end, keeping our boot on the enemy’s neck and pushing his back up against a wall, right until the very last minute,” Kurilla said.

CSM Prosser drags the terrorist into the alley … When Recon platoon showed up about a minute later, SFC Bowman asked LTC Kurilla to lie down. But Kurilla was ordering people to put out security, and directing action this way and that. When the very experienced medic, Specialist Munoz, put morphine into Kurilla, the commander still kept giving orders, even telling Munoz how to do his job. So SFC Bowman told Munoz to give Kurilla another morphine, and finally Kurilla settled down… This post by Michael Yon is called “Gates of Fire”  … August 31, 2005…Go here for LOTS more pics of this event….

Semper Fi, Sir Then Just buy the dam book and visit Michael on his web site regularly… I have 5 autographed copies of the “little girl” picture… Go check out his pics… Michael Yon [and a few others like Totten and Roggio] are people who tell the truth…



  1. I had the honor of meeting LTC Kurilla last year when I was in Iraq. He had since moved on from 1/24 Inf to 2/75 Rangers. My Father-in-Law’s son, who was stationed with 1/24 during LTC K’s tenure, had been one of the KIAs at the mess test bombing in Mosul in Dec ’04. They installed a memorial plaque at the mess facility and I was able to obtain a picture which mentioned Robert’s name. Then when I ran into LTC K, I requested that he sign the picture so I could give it to Robert’s father. LTC K went from maverick-stud to grieving father when I mentioned Robert’s name and my request. And while this post isn’t about me, later that night our paths crossed again, and he asked me “How’s it going, brother?” (He hardly knows me and yet he’s calling me brother!)

    CW2 (ret.) Mark Valdick

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