Posted by: Maysman | September 12, 2008

To all Joe Cook’s… tx…

src=”” alt=”” width=”427″ height=”300″ />

You did your job, Joe… but we lost… It is now time for you to run for office…



  1. Great video! Thanks! I linked it over at – you might go there and see if Townhall would be worthy of a link from your blog. I think it would be.

  2. Maysman wrote, “LookingGlass… Forget me… I am unimportant…

    I’ll be the judge of that, thankyouverymuch.
    Your “Palin is Presidential Material” photo sketch is too good to let languish. I look at it whenever the MSM get too depressing.

    Maysman finished, “Just go everywhere you browse and link to this video…

    Working on it.

  3. […] H/T Maysman (aka reader Toes192) […]

  4. Ooooo-raaahh!

    I will put this on my blog in the am (gotta hit the rack right now) and you, Sir, are going on my blog roll. If you don’t mind that is.



  6. That was a good video – quite well done. It doesn’t justify a war of aggression though.

  7. Sometimes I hate my A+ in Logic at Stanford…. Yes sir, Greg… you are absolutely correct… A video does not justify a war.

  8. Indeed a great video.

    I think many of you will be interested to read the latest about certain smear ads on YouTube about Gov. Palin. Check this out:

  9. There is no contradiction in praising the valor and efforts of the military while declaring that the Iraq war was a tragic mistake.

    If a man jumps into a raging river to save a child and loses his life in the process, thereby plunging his family into financial ruin, is his action heroic or foolish?

    It was not incumbent upon the man to save the child in the raging river any more than it was incumbent upon America to save the Iraqis. Yet we did so, at great cost to our own country. It is perfectly accurate to describe our actions as more valorous than wise.

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