Posted by: Maysman | September 14, 2008

Our Sarah and Charles Gibson…

Do you think you have what it takes to be the Vice President of the United States?

—–Was it my imagination?… Did they edit out the end of some of our Sarah’s answers to go on to the next question?… This was one of my observations while watching [in real time] the the initial interview…

—-Answer 100% yes… Go HERE…  Gatewaypundit blog

—-or here…

—-I urge everybody to see just how the unedited version of the first interview compared to what we saw on television  by checking out the full transcript. It is a fascinating look into media manipulation via skillful editing.

—-Just curious, Has Senator Obama or Senator Biden or Senator McCain been asked any of those questions?

—-and… Just a body language thingy cause I do not watch Charles Gibson’s programs… I notice the haughty head back… peering DOWN at our Sarah… with those reading glasses down on his nose… Does he do that in ALL his interviews??…

—-Never mind… Our Sarah doesn’t blink… least of all in the presence of a TV personality…



  1. Without teleprompters or her possee, she looked very lost. Loved that she had beeen “briefed” about the questions beforehand.. still couldn’t appear as more than “arm candy” for McCain. Sigh….

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