Posted by: Maysman | September 18, 2008

Our Sarah’s line items vetoes… 2007

I am trying to figure out how to put the entire 19 pages in the post but you can just click on this link…

Read this… Our Sarah does not blink up here… never has… I opine you can find objections to many of the vetoes depending on your personal views… Anyway… We up here are 80% + liking our Sarah so draw your own conclusions…

—-Gov. Sarah Palin upset some lawmakers Friday by carving more than a quarter billion dollars from a $1.8 billion capital budget approved by the Legislature last month.

—-The $231 million in cuts – which covered 36 spreadsheet pages – drew praise from those who believed the budget originally reflected too much spending, but ire from those who thought Palin went too far.

—-The cuts affected more than 300 local projects, and reduced the budget to nearly $1.6 billion. Palin also signed the operating and mental health budgets, but there were no cuts from what lawmakers submitted.

—-Palin said at a news conference in her Anchorage office that the cuts should send a message to lawmakers for next year’s budget considerations.

—-“We need to live within our means,” Palin said. “Even though we have a surplus, that doesn’t warrant a spending spree on an unlimited credit card. Now is the time to save for the future.”

The state should prioritize its projects, while not spending a finite potential surplus created by high oil prices, she said. Oil is responsible for 85 percent of state revenue. While the price of oil has fluctuated, Alaska North Slope closed high Friday, at $72.53 a barrel.


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