Posted by: Maysman | September 23, 2008

Meet some Brits…

Here are some Brits in Afghanistan searching for the local sniper who has been taking potshots at them…

—-The Brits know exactly who the sniper is.  About half a dozen fruit trees occluded fields of fire, so the soldiers cut them down.  The Brits offered to pay for the trees, but were bound by regulations on how much they could pay.  Major Adam Dawson told me the amount was something like $20 per tree, which of course is tantamount to zero.  Achmed, an Afghan neighbor, came to collect the money, but the owner of the fruit tress had told Achmed not to accept payment.  The owner was livid, saying: “I can’t believe Achmed let them cut down my trees!  I’m going to go @#%& his wife!”  I don’t know if anything happened to Achmed’s wife, but I do know that the Brits said the owner of the fruit trees bought himself a sniper rifle.  He’s been shooting at them ever since.

—-And you really should visit Michael Yon.  He is a truth teller and [I think] the very best correspondent of this decade… His reporting in both Iraq and Afghanistan is spot on…



—-These Javelins were fired in combat.  A Javelin costing about $130,000 might one day be used to kill the Afghan sniper, who is angry about not getting a fair price for his trees.

Go on… visit Michael…


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