Posted by: Maysman | September 29, 2008

Have you forgotten about Iraq?… I have not…

—-“…And you probably haven’t heard a word about any of this. The media’s code of silence on good news from Iraq (in place until Nov. 4) is in full force. Bombings still merit a breathless mention – even as they become ever less frequent – but the legislative progress in Baghdad gets buried deep in the inside pages, if it’s reported at all.

—-The course of history is confounding. Iraq, which was supposed to fail, increasingly looks like a game-changing success story. The failures have been much closer to home…”    End paragraph of a Ralph Peters column…


  1. Did you read the comments on Peters’ column? I would like to pass this one on to “Your Sarah.”
    Billy K wrote:
    There’s a line for Gov. Palin in the upcoming debate here. Should Biden question her experience, she could intone with the inherent emotional frustration Executive’s feel in dealing with Legislative bodies;
    “The Iraqi Congress has accomplished more in the last two years than the Democrat controlled American Congress and Senate has, Senator Biden. I’ll put my two years experience as Governor and Executive of the the Great State of Alaska, up against 2 years of voting “Present” in the Do-Nothing Democrat Legislature anytime.”

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