Posted by: Maysman | September 30, 2008

Did Speaker Pelosi DELIBERATELY sabotage the Bailout Bill??…

on Monday, 9/29/2008 ?


—-#1. Pelosi failure to rally enough Dem votes…[you KNOW how carefully they can count]

—-#2. Speaker Pelosi’s speech right before the vote… A highly inflammatory speech designed to alienate Repubs for sure…

—-#3.  Bill’s failure makes McCain look bad.

—-#4.  Keeps economy in limbo and market [as predicted] tanks for the day at least..

—-#5. The Bailout Bill WILL pass later in week or so in different form…

—-#6.. Pelosi can now load it up with more $$ … maybe reaching a trillion $

—-#7. Credit tightens or disappears… therefore good for Obama as Dems can blame Bush/McCain

—-#8.  Mark my 70 years old words as I would bet my [paid off house] …that… The Dems will find enough votes later this week or very soon to pass a Bailout Bill.

—-#9.  And especially note the maneuvering of Ayes and Nays DURING the vote as Newt analyzes in the following video…

—-Check this video… Newt Gingrich…

—-And go on over to AJ Strata for more analysis… as he says [among other things…

—-“I find it implausible that Pelosi and Co. couldn’t dig up 12 measely votes. What I do find plausible and possible is that they kept moving Dems into the “Nay” column as more and more GOP members supported the bill (65 ended up doing so). That required 5 committee [DEMOCRATIC] chairmen to jump ship to save the [Democratic] plan – to defeat the bill!…”

—-I will continue to update this post as more thoughts occur to me… and… will add your observations from comments into any revised post….


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