Posted by: Maysman | October 3, 2008

Alert… Photo of future President Palin…

Not Sarah, you morons…

Piper Palin, of course… as she signs autographs at the after debate party…


—-Here is Piper reacting as Senator Biden’s “misrepresents” [ confuses, distorts, falsifies, garbles, misstates, perverts, twists, warps, lies about, confuses ] at least 14 [16, 22?… the list expands as people fact check] provable facts during the debate with Governor Palin…

—-I wonder if the MSM [mainstream media] will call down Senator Biden out on his mistakes and factual inaccuract statements… You can be 100% positive that they are making BIG BIG news of the few mistakes that our Sarah made.  Maybe we just “expect” blunders by Senator Biden and accept them as part of his “vast experience?”

—-You can go HERE to check it out…

—-or maybe here…

—-Example… IRAQ-AFGHANISTAN SPENDING: Biden SAID QUOTE …   “Look, we have spent more money — we spend more money in three weeks on combat in Iraq than we’ve spent on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in Afghanistan building that country. Let me say it again. Three weeks in Iraq; seven years — seven years, or six and a half years, in Afghanistan.”

—-Compare apples to apples, Please, Senator Biden… Just check out Piper Palin’s reaction. Bad boy…

—-To be fair, Governor Palin stretched the facts on a few occasions but I will leave that fact checking to the Dems…



  1. I loved it when Piper positioned herself right next to her mom when Sarah went over to talk to the moderator. Yea Piper!!! She is such a cutie and no offense to Sarah, but when Piper is on the stage with her, I tend to watch Piper rather than Sarah. That’s not to say the Dude doesn’t garner my attention too. 😉 but ssshhh don’t tell Sarah. lol

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