Posted by: Maysman | October 28, 2008

Now here’s some guys we would ALL vote for!

— 58 second Video…

— I imagine [predict] that some [a lot?] of the $$ Senator [President] Obama will spend will come from cutting military spending…

— and… I am guessing the “Troika” of Obama – Reid – Pelosi will go along and there is nothing you or I or the Republican minorities will be able to do about it once they get started…

— and… Just a Maysman opinion… Getting energy independence without offshore drilling and nuclear… Dream on… It ain’t gonna happen… [And… all of you DO notice that the Dems and Senator Obama will not allow offshore and/or Nuclear… ]

— But watch the video… Nothing political about it… The helicopter goes soooo low that seawater comes into the belly of the chopper… Gotta love those guys… ALL of them… Semper Fi, peeps…

— btw, doing our part to get off oil here in Alaska… Fuanglada & I have driven a mere 127 miles in Oct…  🙂  But our Shell Oil Royalty checks are going down with the oil prices… 😦


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